January 14, 2011

We have a winner!

After anxiously watching the poll numbers over the past 10 days, we at the Lark Street BID are happy to announce that our little Birdie has a name! Petula Lark was chosen as the favorite with 318 votes!

The bird naming journey began in November when we asked the public to email us their suggestions for the bird's name. During the month of December, we received around 70 unique names and many more duplicated suggestions. The list was whittled down to our four favorites and again we returned to the public to help us. In the 10 days that the poll was open, over 630 people voted and for a few of those days it looked as if Sir Larksalot was going to win. After the special message that we received from Jacob and his connection to Petula Clark, the numbers soon started favoring Petula again.

Thank you to everyone who voted and a special thank you to Todd Palmiere who suggested Petula. 

Be sure to keep your eyes out for Petula Lark throughout the year to help us announce all of our big news & events!

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