January 21, 2011

Late Night Bus Service Offered

Capital Cruiser, LLC a local bus transportation company, is offering Late Night Bus Service to the Lark Street neighborhood. For the second year in a row, the company is offering $2.00 bus rides Friday and Saturday nights to the public while school is in session. 

The Weekend Late Night Bus Service connecting the State University At Albany campus with Madison Ave., Lark St., and Downtown Albany. The service will operate from 12:00 midnight until 4:00 am and is aimed at providing safe, reliable service for the General Public traveling late at night and not drinking and driving. 

Capital Cruiser states that "Our hope is to get the Students of UAlbany and College of St. Rose to visit and patronize the establishments along Madison Ave and Lark St. who haven't had any transportation available along these major streets. By offering this service, we hope to reduce the amount of students drinking and driving as well as providing a safe mode to get to and from the Campuses. Students safety is a big concern lately and we are also assisting the Albany Police and University Police with reporting any suspicious activities involving the general public and students. Students will be allowed to board the bus to keep out of harms way at anytime by flagging the bus down anywhere along the route." 

Right now, students and the general public have to rely on taxicabs in Albany to get to and from the Campuses, which is a major inconvenience and costly to all. For a mere $2.00, anyone can ride the scheduled service.  

For more information on the service and the schedule, please call 518.596.3321 or visit the website at www.capitalcruiser.com.

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