January 10, 2011

Event Dates Announced

It is just the start of the New Year but we are already planning the lineup of events for the year. Get out your calendars because you are going to want to save these dates!

2011 is a BIG year for us here at the BID. This year will mark the 15th annual Art on Lark, the 30th Annual LarkFEST, 5th Annual Winter WonderLARK!

Champagne on the Park- Our Annual Fundraiser--
       Thursday, May 5th

Art on Lark- 15th Annual-- 
      Saturday, June 11th    
LarkFEST- 30th Annual--  
       Saturday, September 17th       
Winter WonderLARK- 5th Annual--  
       Saturday, December 10th                       

1 comment:

  1. My vote: "Art" (for arts sake=)
    Petula reminds me of the song "Downtown" and we are NOT downtown (Downtown BID is Jillians etc.) I don't want Lark Street to be confused with "downtown" We are proud of our title of "Center Square".
    That being said, I really want Tess' Lark Tavern back to Lark Street. (No offense Mcgeary's)