July 21, 2009

Metroland Best of the Capital Region 2009 Lark Street Winners

Best Pizza -- Elda's on Lark
Best Falafel -- Al-Baraki II
Best Sandwich -- Debbie's Kitchen
Best Wine Bar -- Wine Bar & Bistro
Best Late Night Dining -- Justin's
Best Way Late Night Dining -- Cafe 217
Best Jewelry -- Elissa Halloran
Best Bike Shop -- Downtube Cycle Shop
Best Edible Art Gallery -- Crisan
Best Bar -- Tess' Lark Tavern
Best Gay Bar -- Oh Bar

July 07, 2009

New website!

The Lark Street website has gotten a makeover! Last Thursday we launched the updated website and are thrilled to share it.

The website provides information about the Lark Street District, including a directory of our businesses, information on development and available properties, and provides an opportunity for you to support us through donations, sponsorships, and volunteering. There is also information about how to intern with us.

The Calendar lists all of the events scheduled around Lark Street to keep you informed about what's going on.

Also on the new website, we have all of the information you may need to know about our events, including registration for this year's LarkFEST for retail, arts & crafts, not-for profit organizations, and food vendors.

There are many more features included on our new website, so visit us

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