January 12, 2011

Bird Name News

The bird naming poll has been keeping us here at the BID all aflutter! Will it be Petula or Sir Larksalot? Is it possible for Joan or Art to come in from behind? We will just have to wait and see however, after receiving an email this morning we think that Petula might have some strong support from far away places.

Jacob Friedman, a 13 year old from Cleveland, OH, wrote us to let us know of his support for the bird being named Petula. Jacob is a brain cancer survivor and is a huge fan of Petula Clark's music. While he was going through cancer treatments he would listen to Clark's music. In fact, Jacob credits her music as a source of strength and courage; especially the song Downtown.

Petula Clark & Jacob Friedman

We would like to wish Jacob the best & thank him for his support!


  1. You'd have to have a heart of stone not to be touched by little Jacob's tale and that photo. It put a smile on my face.

  2. Does the one day left mean until a certain time today, or is tomorrow the last day?

  3. How touching brought a tear of joy to my eye. Voter Petula for Jacob!

  4. @anonymous the poll closes at 1/14/11 at 12am.

  5. He's a lovely lad, and his story is a total inspiration to us all...

    And Ms Clark, well how she loves kids. Vote Petula Lovely Amazing Fabuloss Clark.

    Keep well Jacob. We all think about you loads.

  6. come on dear PET, i voted for you.

  7. Jacob is around the same age as me when I first discovered Petula and her beautiful music, courtesy of my late father. This wonderful and touching story brought a tear to my eye too.

    Dear Jacob, we are thinking of you and Petula, we salute you!