March 04, 2010

Lark Streets Winners for Readers' Picks 2010!!

It’s that time again…the votes have been counted and the results are out for the Readers’ Picks 2010. Just as we had hoped, many of our local Lark Street businesses have ranked in the top 3 of the selected categories! Whether you are looking for a specific type of shopping, artwork, food, dessert and especially drinks, Lark Street has got it all! Some of our restaurants are listed multiple times throughout these categories because they are just that GOOD! Let’s recap and give mention to our winners!

Start off your day right with Dunkin Donuts coming in at #1 and The Daily Grind as #3 for BEST COFFEE!

Hungry for brunch, sandwiches or subs?
Check out Justin’s which came in as number 2 for the BEST BRUNCH around!
Also don’t forget to stop in at Debbie’s Kitchen who was ranked second for their best and unique sandwich creations!

If you want to get more specific and fill your craving, stop by at
-The #1 spot for the BEST GREEK food at Lark Street’s own A Taste of Greece!
-Ranking in 2nd for BEST Mexican and Southwestern is El Loco!
-And come in just a few steps behind is Bomber’s!

With Bombers we can always expect more than one award to follow!
Ranking #1 in cheap eats and coming in a first place tie with Wings over Albany for the BEST WINGS!!
-Also at Bombers if you’re looking for some cheap drinks to go along with your cheap eats, hang around at Bombers being that they were ranked #3 for the BEST HAPPY HOUR!

Speaking of happy hours Lionheart was ranked 2nd for their great specials!...and also make sure to visit the #1 BEST spot for happy hour at Tess’ Lark Tavern! Lark Tavern seemed to sweep a ton of categories!
Also ranking in at #1 for:
-BEST SERVERS #1 Sarah Stevens and ranked 3rd Nicole!
To make sure all those happy hour drinks get served how you would like, make sure you see the ranked number 2 BEST BARTENDER Karen Caraner! Congrats Ladies!

Looking for some more number 1 spots to check out…Make sure to stop by Oh! Bar for the top ranked BEST KARAOKE and BEST GAY BAR!

And of course one of our newest editions to Lark Street, The Wine & Bar Bistro who came in on top in 3 categories! BEST WINE LIST, BEST RESTAURANT TO TAKE A DATE, and BEST WINE BAR!! Make sure you don’t forget flowers for your date, pick them up at the Lark Street Florist who came in at #3!

At the end of the day get a delicious ice cream cone at Ben & Jerry’s who came in at #2 for BEST ICE CREAM!

Lark Street is well known for its restaurants and bars, but that’s not all we have to offer!
Deciding on a tattoo parlor can be very tough; the readers pick helps you make your decision that much easier…Get your tattoo done at Lark Tattoo who was voted #1 for BEST TATTOOS!

When it comes to art, we have got some of the best!

Congrats to the Albany Institute of History & Art for being ranked #2 for the BEST MUSEUM and coming out on top as #1 for the BEST ART GALLERY and to the Upstate Artist’s Guild who came in at the respectable #2 spot.

And of course this list wouldn’t be possible without the Metroland who ranked in at the top quite a bit themselves!

We want to wish each of these businesses our congratulations and thanks for helping make Lark Street the great place that it is today!

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