February 19, 2010

Vegan Lark Street

While there might not be a strictly vegan restaurant in the Lark Street District any longer there are so many vegan options here that is sure to make dining out or grabbing a snack easy! Both of us here at the BID are vegan/vegetarian so we know! The best thing about all the Lark Street options is that you can tell them you are vegan and they get it!

Here's a quick run down of what is available:

-Scratch Bakery Cafe always has lots of delicious options in terms of soups & desserts. Not to mention their sandwiches, wraps, & salads. If you haven't tried the vegan spice cookies I think it is time you head over there to get one. They have a great soft texture and a perfectly spiced flavor.

-Debbie's Kitchen has veggie sandwiches too which are as inventive as the others and delicious to boot.

-El Loco has the words vegetarian & vegan all over their menu. Even their mole is vegan! They make it so easy to eat out that El Loco is sure to become a fast favorite.

-The Good Leaf Gourmet Tea Company always has soymilk so if you like your tea a little creamy or if you are in the mood for one of the delicious Tea Lattes you are in luck. The most exciting news though is that the Good Leaf can make VEGAN HOT CHOCOLATE!!! Creamy & frothy, it is the perfect cuppa for a gray winter's day.

-Bomber's is another place that is super veg-friendly...vegan chicken nuggets, bbq tofu, veggie chili. The vegan tofu fries are sure to satisfy your bad but good craving. And now you can get vegan baked goodies for dessert!

-Cafe 217 is a great little place to get some food after a late night or to get your day started. Breakfast can be difficult for vegans but Susie's has some options that are sure to keep you going.

-Ben & Jerry's even has vegan options! The sorbets are vegan and are a refreshing way to satisfy that sweet tooth.

-Al Baraki has lots of veg-options and makes a mean falafel. The garlic paste is amazing!

-A Taste of Greece has two vegetarian sections on their menu so knowing your options is easy, choosing isn't.

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