June 07, 2012

Art on Lark Performer Biographies!

Mike Grutka

Mike Grutka has a sound like no other. The Saratoga Springs based musician wishes to share his message with the world. His music has become increasingly hopeful and inspirational after the death of his mother. After her young death, he now tells himself, “You’ve got to do this now. No one else is going to do it for you”. This attitude helped him release February Sessions, which he believes will be his most successful album yet. Grutka describes his sound as “acoustic based funky modern roots rock-n-roll.” The power and energy in his music will move you as it carries a strong message: never give up hope.

Ashton Williams Band

The Ashton Williams Band is composed of five incredibly talented members known for making covers of popular 90’s songs. Keith Dobbs, Adam Carey, Chris Duffy, Mike Hugo and Andrew Lasher make up the Indie rock/ alternative band. Based in Schenectady, the band is eager to share their talent with the world. Aside from recreating 90’s rock songs, they have three exciting alternative original pieces that they plan to debut at Art on Lark.

Betsi Krisniski

Betsi is all about standing out and being different. She describes her lyrics as “experimental poetry with wit” and her sound as “alternative-tuning” harmony. Her music is experimental in both the metaphorical and literal sense: she writes about chemistry and failing physics, inspired by her being a chemistry major in college. Her unique sound and music topics will capture your attention and surely make you smile. As much as she wants to share her talent with the world, she does not long for attention. After all, words Krisniski lives by are “Once you stop looking for acceptance, you are forever immune to rejection.”

 Matthew Carefully

Mathew Carefully is a gifted musician from Upstate New York known for merging modern sounds with traditional instruments. He frequently uses the mandolin, banjo, acoustic/electric guitars, drums and percussion instruments. His innovative “sound marrying” technique is a refreshing spin on both modern and traditional sounding music as it merges the two into one sound. Carefully also is a speedy songwriter- he sends new songs to his friends every week and recorded an entire album in one month.

Babe City

Being a brand new band doesn’t mean they’re any less awesome. Babe City is a band based in the Capital District and is made up of four young and talented women: Olivia Quillio, Mary Leigh Roohan, Meaghan Duffy and Caroline Corrigan. Prior to forming the band they were all independent performers. As a band, they put spins on their own songs and do covers of already popular songs. As they like to say, “Get weird with us” at Art on Lark.

The College Farm

The three man band known as The College Farm is consisted of Andrew Pelletier, Matthew Pelletier and Josh Herzog. The band is currently on tour around the Capital District. Their folk rock music about ghost stories and love legends is both thrilling and unique. The College Farm has already created one phenomenal album titled Northeast of Nowhere. Their lyrics will catch your attention, while the passion and power of it will move you.

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