March 06, 2012

"Buying Locally Builds Community"

Never forget the importance of buying locally.  As Visions Magazine highlights in their recent article on the effects of buying locally, the Capital District has an abundance of opportunities for shops, restaurants and businesses to thrive. Buying locally isn't just beneficial for you, it supports the entire community and boosts the local economy. Lark Street BID executive director Mary Spinelli, quoted below, understands the significance of buying locally.

"Studies have shown that when you buy local, a much higher percentage of your money stays local and is reinvested in community through jobs and purchasing of local goods. Local businesses are owned and operated by people who have a vested interest in the vibrancy and viability of the area." By golly, I think she's got it!

The Visions article shows that a study of ten local businesses in Chicago boasted a 68% cash return to the local economy, whereas only 43% of money spent at a chain store remained local.  Think of it this way, "if you spend $20 at Shop A, that shop owner will likely go across the street and buy lunch from Cafe B. Local residents who are employed at Cafe B take their paychecks and buy gifts from Shop A. Local spending is cyclical and spurs community growth and spirit," says Elizabeth Young, executive director of Downtown Troy BID.

Remember this next time your hungry for a bite, or need to do some shopping.  Lark Street is a mecca of unique shops and restaurants.  Looking for a creative gift? Visit Elissa Halloran's shop.  Jonesing for a cup of coffee? Pop over to the Daily Grind Check our our website for a comprehensive list of all of Lark Street's businesses.

"When businesses are both buying and hiring locally, they reinforce the belief in the quality of local talent  as well as the quality of local products," says Spinelli.  Local talent and quality products are not hard to find in the Lark Street neighborhood.

The eclectic nature of Lark Street, not to mention exceptional areas like downtown Troy and Saratoga won't leave you disappointed. So get out of the mall and into the neighborhood!

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