August 02, 2011

LarkFEST 2011 Bands Announced

Today on Exit 97.7 WEXT, the LarkFEST 2011 bands were announced.  There will be two stages this year for the 30th anniversary.

Madison Stage:
Ben Karis-Nix - A local singer, also happens to be a great musician, multimedia artist, illustrator, silkscreen artist.  He used to be the co-front man for a Los Angeles based band known as Jupiter Sunrise but then decided to go down the path as a solo artist.  He has toured with talented bands such as Hellogoodbye, Coheed and Cambria, The Roots, and many more!
The Landlines - Another local band originating from Hudson, New York.  The band is a mixture of  country and traditional American roots, but with a splash of rock mixed into their music  This band was voted “Best Americana Band” in the 2010 Metroland “Best of Capital Region” issue.

We Are Jeneric - Coming from Altamont, New York, this duo is an indie folk pop band comprised of Eric Krans and Jen O'Connor.  Their travels abroad and experiences at home have attributed to their magically folk sounds.
Cody Beebe & the Crooks - A seven man band originating from Seattle, Washington, brings their rock roots to the stage.  The band’s music combines rock, blues, and country with an artistic integrity that is mesmerizing to their audiences.
Motopony - Another band coming from Seattle, Washington.  Their hard-soul/glitch-folk sounds draws in a crowd.  They have stated, “We’re not place specific, but I do think our music is born out of eight months of  rain in a year and the love of nature...”
Mike Doughty - Before going solo, Doughty was part of a band known as Soul Coughing, for eight years.  Much of his recent music is said to be acoustic arrangements, verbal wit, and convoluted songwriting.

Washington Stage:
Blotto - A local band from right here in Albany, this rock band mixes music with humor.  The band technically broke up in 1984, but still actively plays together and reunites to perform in the Capital Region.  Blotto was honored by Mayor Jerry Jennings, who proclaimed August 15, 1994 as “Blotto Day” in the City of Albany. In 1995, Blotto was among the first inductees in the Capital Area Musicians Association  Hall of Fame.

Alex Torres & His Latin Orchestra - This 11 piece orchestra, led by Torres, was formed in Amsterdam, New York.  They have been presented by hundreds of festivals, performing arts centers, and events annually to perform their original blend of Afro-Caribbean rhythms such as Salsa, Meringue, Cha-cha, Bomba, Plena and Latin Jazz.
Severe Severe - Formed in Los Angeles, California, this band consists of consists of Nico Jordan (guitar, synth, loops, voice & percussion), Mike Capritta (bass & synth), and Bryan Hogan (drums).  Their sounds have been said to be tight, driving drumming, relentless movement in the guitar and bass punctuated by short bursts of emotional/electrical release.
Faces on Film - Mike Fiore, originally from Rochester, New York, formed this group in the Boston, Massachusetts area.  He is the lead singer and guitarist, and collaborates with other artists.  His latest album, "Some Weather", was released in July 2011.

Jason Spooner  - This New England based songwriter, was exposed to music at an early age after discovering his father's eight-track tapes.  In 2003, Spooner formed a group called The Jason Spooner Trio.  This talented group has been busy touring for different acts this past year.
Diego Garcia - Having Argentinean roots, but coming from Detroit, Michigan, Garcia uses his Latin roots with the sounds of 1970s romantic troubadours.  He recently released his first solo album entitled "Laura" in the spring of 2011.

Come check out these great bands on September 17th, 2011 at the 30th LarkFEST!

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