July 01, 2011

Walk and Watch Training Session

The Lark Street Business Improvement District, in conjunction with the Albany Police Department will be hosting a Walk and Watch training session for Lark Street area residents (owner or renter) and businesses at the Trinity Church Chapel on July 12, 2011 starting at 6pm.

Neighborhood Watch programs are one of the most effective way to prevent crime and reduce fear in an area. They provide extra eyes and ears on the street for reporting crimes and in turn forges bonds between neighbors and improves relations between police and the community served. 

All are encouraged and welcome to join this training session including residents whether owner or renter, and businesses.  Taught by Matthew Montesano of the Albany Police Department, this training will provide helpful information for participants on how to observe and report criminal or suspicious activities.  Walk & Watch uses community members as additional eyes and ears on the street in order to help keep the community safer.
Walk & Watch is part of the Neighborhood Watch program which teaches residents and businesses of the local area to be alert and cautious of suspicious activities happening in their neighborhood.  Neighborhood Watch is important for the safety and security for any community. It is an effective way of preventing criminal activities and reducing fear amongst the community. It also provides a better flow of communication between the community and the police department, as well as communication amongst community members.

Walk & Watch Training Session
Tuesday July 12, 2011
Trinity Church Chapel
235 Lark Street (Front Entrance).

For more information call 518..434.3861 or go to  www.larkstreet.org

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