December 03, 2010

Pottery Smashing Fun!

Sometimes breaking things is fun but unfortunately most of us are not able to smash stuff just for the heck of it. Typically, when something gets broken it is not on purpose and there is not a happy feeling afterward. But all that can change!

At Winter WonderLARK this year we will be hosting an event with El Loco Mexican Cafe that comes from a Mexican Christmas tradition. Each year at Christmas in Oaxaca, Mexico street vendors sell hot chocolate and a sweet fried dough dessert called "buñuelos." The buñuelos are served on ceramic dishes, which after the treat has been eaten, is thrown behind the head and onto the ground. The yearly ritual is done to bring luck to the person throwing the pottery. It is said that the more pieces that the dish breaks into the more luck the person will have. You can see a video of the Mexican tradition here.

So if you have a hankering to drink some hot chocolate, eat some Mexican fried dough, and smash some pottery come join us on December 11th from 12pm-4pm in the parking lot between El Loco and the Albany Art Room!

Thanks to the Albany Art Room and The Pottery Place in Stuyvesant Plaza for their support of this family-friendly event! 

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