August 25, 2009

Countdown to LarkFEST

Today's LarkFEST spotlight is on Beware! The Other Head of Science.

Voted as the Best Electropop Band in the Capital Region, BEWARE! The Other Head of Science likens their sound to "bodies moving, and spaceships exploding, and far-away planets, and sweat drenched house parties, and that’s good and fun and a lot of other people seem to think that it’s good and fun, too. And I think that’s probably what matters most. I also think the lights, balloons, and confetti don’t hurt."

Or as the Metroland puts it "Don’t even think about asking who the original head of science is or why you shouldn’t exercise caution around him/her. Just dance. BEWARE!’s spazzy synth-pop is like a can of root beer, filled with Pop Rocks, poured down the pants of a hyperactive 7th grader. Yeah."

The Metroland's description might be a little more colorful but it doesn't matter how you describe Beware! The Other Head of Science. We know that when they are playing at LarkFEST we are going to have an awesome time dancing!

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