June 16, 2009

Review : Crisan Bakery - Edible Art Gallery

If you're on Lark Street and looking for a good bakery, stop in at Crisan Bakery for cake, pastries, or gelato!
Founded in 1990 in Romania, Crisan Bakery is owned by a young couple, Claudia and Ignatius Callabria. This particular location on Lark St was opened June 2008 and seems to be bringing in There are three other locations of the bakery. Claudia, a jewelery maker by trade (who's been featured in London Vogue makes all of the 50+ cake variations and Ignatius makes the pastries and gelato. They use family recipes to create the delicious desserts, all made on the premises daily. The couple rotates the recipes, so there is always something different to try. Crisan Bakery does catering for special events.
Not only does Crisan Bakery offer desserts, but it doubles as an edible gallery. The shop features artist' works, such as a display in the glass-covered tables of a town made entirely from rice paper, and lamps made of sugar, not to mention the desserts themselves, which look and taste like works of art on the shelves behind the glass display.
* If you are lucky enough to come in on a day when cheesecake is being served, you're in for a treat!
Call (518)445-2727
Fax (518)445-2728
Web- crisanbakery.com, but their site is currently under construction

Visit Crisan Bakery - Edible Art Gallery at 197 Lark St Albany NY 12210

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