August 31, 2010

Orange Street Cats

Every once in a while you hear about something that touches you personally & while it may not be related to the work your organization does you still want to help. The Orange Street Cats are exactly that kind of story.

In July of this year around 90 cats were rescued from a condemned house. The cats were rescued by volunteers & are now looking for new homes & loving families to care for them. Supplies, donations, and foster families for the rescued cats are also needed.

Click here to find out more about the Orange Street Cats & how you can help them.

August 25, 2010

LarkFEST Silent Disco

Have you heard about the new addition to  LarkFEST? This year the block of Hudson Avenue between Lark Street & Willett Street will feature a Silent Disco!

The LarkFEST Silent Disco will run from 12pm - 5pm & will feature 2 DJs competing for listeners who are wearing headsets. The headsets are wireless & have a switch that allows the listener to chose between the 2 DJs. Without a headset the music cannot be heard. Multiple DJs will play throughout the day.

Silent Discos are fast becoming popular at music festivals around the world & we are excited to present the first ever Silent Disco at LarkFEST!

The Silent Disco is sponsored by the Lark Street BID, Bombers Burrito Bar, Gravity Entertainment, Dreamy Productions, & SINsation Sound.

August 24, 2010

LarkFEST Local Band Line Up

The line up of bands that will be rocking out at this year's LarkFest has been revealed.

This year a contest was held to select 4 local bands to play at LarkFEST. Over 80 local bands submitted applications with hopes of grabbing 1 of  the 4 spots. Our selection committee of local celebrities listened hard to the songs submitted by the bands, and truth be told it was not an easy decision because all the bands were absolutely awesome. Four bands did stand out. With that said, it is our pleasure to introduce the 4 local bands performing at LarkFEST to you.

Rich Ortiz

The Ill Funk Ensemble 


Tom McWatters and the Philo Beddoe Band


Click on the Links above and embrace yourself for some mind blowing music!

You won't want to miss it!!